"What is the most valuable asset for a child living in Sen Sok’s community?"
- An Educated Mother

With families at the center of our work, Community First provides villagers with resources to improve their lives on their own. For adults, growing up during war-time made it difficult to access basic education, while children currently suffer from the limited resources available in their schools.

Community First’s Education Program provides both students and teachers with the critical learning and teaching resources they need.

School supplies are expensive and make up a large part of a household’s yearly expenditures, often cutting into a family’s already tight food budget. We provide children from financially distressed families with student kits in order to ease the financial strain. The kits include the mandatory and expensive school uniforms, without which children are denied the opportunity to learn and work toward a better future.

In addition to student kits, Community First also supports teachers with resources such as books, manuals, maps, and other accessories commonly found in Western classrooms.  These are all too often non-existent in Cambodian schools. We look forward to expanding this educational support program, by providing in-depth training to teachers in collaboration with local and public partners.