Public Health

"Protecting the most vulnerable within the community through preventive health care and early intervention."

The cycle of poverty will take a physical toll on any human being. Malnutrition combined with unclean water consumption will often lead to illness. But those are to be addressed at the source: the community water and the farms through our water & agriculture program.

While a deep-water well will provide a healthier environment for villagers, pregnant women and children may still suffer from organic pollution in the water stream. Community First promotes the use of water filters and the construction of sanitary installation to further improve the village’s overall health.


Accordingly, our public health program focuses on those conditions which can only be addressed through preventive care and awareness campaigns. The malaria prevention initiative spearheads our effort to control the spread of a new strain of malaria emerging in northwestern Cambodia near the Community First villages.

In addition, Community First also provides capacity building opportunities to the local and current healthcare infrastructure in the villages where we work. The community health center initiative aims at improving the medical outreach in rural areas.