Water & Agriculture

"Because food grows where water flows"

In rural Southeast Asia, planting the seeds of change starts with life-giving water. Each of our water wells brings an enhanced water source to dozens of families, and holds the promise of improved agricultural yields and enhancements. This program is the foundation of both our work and a thriving rural community.

With 40% of the Cambodian population lacking access to an improved water source, drilling wells has become our number one priority. Since 2008, the Water & Agriculture program has brought water access to over 1,000 individuals and enhanced agricultural skills to dozens of families.


The goal of this initiative is to give the villagers the critical resources they need in order to thrive in a rural environment.

Each new deep-water well in the Sen Sok community presents countless opportunities, as most villagers discover life with access to a clean water source for the first time.

As a direct result, agricultural possibilities rapidly expand. Community First comes in to support farmers with a team of specialists to help them diversify their activities through agriculture, livestock, and fisheries.

Once completed, the Water & Agriculture program cycle brings energy to families to light up their homes at night and to warm up their meals.