Alternative Crops

With the means to move large quantities of water around the community, villagers can now afford to think about expanding their farming activities.  But with rice at the center of the Cambodian diet, crop diversification is often an issue. A typical rural Cambodian meal will primarily consist of a large quantity of rice, some vegetables if available or affordable, and very little meat, if any at all. Our initiative intends to change this.


Due to the scarcity of some resources, such as capital and infrastructure, and the loss of knowledge and savoir-faire, which occurred during the Khmer Rouge Rule, Cambodian villagers are in dire need of both equipment and training.

Community First’s agricultural initiative begins with the creation of home gardens, with a particular focus on alternative crops. Villagers are trained by our team of agricultural specialists, and given the basic tools they need to jump-start a new venture.

Long beans, morning glory, cucumbers, cabbages, and other produce soon contribute to a healthier diet, as well as a new source of income for the entire family.

Our agricultural initiative is typically implemented alongside a self-help group. Each member of the group contributes financially towards a savings fund. Other members can then borrow money against that fund to grow their initiative. This sustainable approach gives villagers access to a locally-based source of lending that is interest and collateral free.